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5 Ways to have a glowing skin || Muizat Akinbani

Aloe vera ||  Coconut oil || Moisturizer || Hydrate || Healthy diet . Glowing skin is seen as a sign of healthy living. Your skin is the largest organ that you have, so you will want to take care of it. Here are 5 products and lifestyle that you can implement as part of your beauty and skincare routine. 1. Aloe vera Aloe vera stimulate new cell growth, and it moisturize without clogging pores. Using aloe vera after you’ve washed your face each day, doing this may give your skin an healthy glow. 2. Coconut oil Coconut oil is a good moisturizer, it has antioxidant and healing properties. For some skin type, irritation can occur because its possible to be allergic to coconut oil. Steps to apply coconut oil . Apply small amount of coconut oil onto your face, . Let it soak in for few minutes, . Then wash off with your cleanser. 3. Moisturizer Moisturize your skin with products that promote healthy skin and encourage a youthful look. Do not skip moisturizer just becau
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Dry skin — Causes, Symptoms and Solutions || Muizat Akinbani

Our skin is the most important organ. it gives us sense of touch, temperature control and protection against infections. When the skin dries out it becomes rough, scaly and itchy, it loses its ability to function well and infections become more likely. Therefore a skin care routine must be done especially products formulated for dry skin because it helps to relieve symptoms and improves skin conditions. Causes There are many causes of dry skin especially from environmental influence and inappropriate skin care products. Common causes are, 1. Weather Cold, heat, wind and dry heated air removes moisture and attacks natural protective barrier of the skin. Therefore apply moisturizer to protect your skin. 2. Hot showers Hot showers can contribute to skin dehydration, it strip moisture from the skin. Always keep the water temperature warm not hot. 3. Hard water Hard water can prevent moisturizer from being absorbed into the skin especially tap water, it contains a hi

Overcoming emptiness.

The lack of energy from an absence of inner wholeness. It's  no difference with the heart being at war with the mind. The emptiness might grow from slowly abandoning ourselves, not listening to our own hope and desires. Abandoning yourself unknowingly or unintentionally because you are striving for perfection or others' approval, you might stop caring for yourself and it can spark anxiety, guilt, depression and shame. The sight of the world turning against you is filled In the memory, not caring about much, not being interested in things, not feeling fueled by anything in particular.  The thought of those excitement when one had so much energy. That burning feeling of energy deep down in the stomach. That excitement running through the body. Life was just around with positive emotions pacing wild. It was wonderful.  Can't help to think… Where has it gone? How did one lose it? Is it ever coming back?  Emptiness is a mechanism to point us to a purpose. The questio

Research on CBD.

CBD, formally known as cannabidiol, naturally occurs in cannabis plants. The CBD extract does not get you high but may provide health benefits. On the other hand, THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) is the component in marijuana that makes you high. A lot of dilemmas have been on the legality of CBD. But it's all a bit confusing. In the United State, hemp is now legal, but the government has not created a system which allows people to freely grow hemp. Marijuana is considered illegal and seems CBD comes from marijuana. Cannabinoids are similar to the chemicals made by our body which are involved in appetite, memory, movement, and pain. There is evidence that suggests it might help reduce anxiety and inflammation, relaxes tight muscles, reduce pain and even slow tumor growth.  There are products that contain CBD, most especially in the production of oil. Other products of CBD Include lotions, creams, shampoos, candies, cookies, beers and make ups. Results of a consumer survey i

Secret behind screenwriters work.

Every movie is written by someone, who are professionally called screenwriters. There are different styles of plotting movies, that's what shows how interesting a movie could be. Like I said in my previous article, anyone can dive into writing. No one needs a degree to write. Writing entails expression of thought, which brings about freedom. Basic knowledge and principle has to be known in screenwriting. You watch movies and never had a thought of how the screenwriters exhibit such style of writing. To begin a screenwriting, the first thing to think of is the character and his/her action. A movie always starts with an action taken. As a screenwriter there are four questions to ask yourself when creating a great dynamic character. What does the character want: the first fundamental question you have to answer when creating a good character. A character that needs something is fate. A character that wants something is will. What's the character weakness: Many writers

Effect of covid19 on the global economy.

The 2019/20 coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Although for most people COVID-19 causes only mild illness, it can make some people very ill. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes) appear to be more vulnerable. The pandemic has caused global social and economic disruption, including the largest global recession since the Great Depression and global famine affecting 265 million people. It has led to the postponement or cancellation of sporting, religious, political, and cultural events, widespread supply shortages exacerbated by panic buying, and decreased emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Schools, universities, and colleges have been closed either on a nationwide or local basis in 172 countries, affecting approximately 98.5 percent of the worl

3 key ways to a good creative writing.

Creative writing is an art which brings about expressing ideas and thought in an imaginative way. Creative Writing isn't done by art students alone. Any literate person can dive into writing. At the same time no one can pick a book and pen and write without having some basic knowledge. I never believed I would end up writing because I was always criticised whenever I utter the statement " I want to become a writer". I eventually found out why I was criticised, with this three valid keys: Reading: Like an older brother would say to me " the secret to creative writing is to read. " Reading is a very vital secret to a well structured writing. Reading improves a lot of things in writing skills, most especially your tenses. Reading improves writing skills psychologically. You want to be a unique writer. Trust me without reading, you can't be unique in writing. Word count: When you want to embark on an article. You should have a specific number of word